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Chiropractic Care

A Different, Welcomed Approach to Chiropractic Care in Colorado Springs

Colorado_Springs_Chiropractic.JPGChiropractic can mean many things to many people, so let's clarify what we, at Thrive, mean by Chiropractic. 

In the process, we hope that you will find our Colorado Springs Chiropractic experience very different than others. 

The traditional understanding of Chiropractic is that it helps with back pain, and that a Chiropractic doctor uses their hands to manipulate the joints of the spine to bring it back into alignment, and therefore, make you feel better. 

That's fairly accurate, and to the left you will see a picture of one of our many adjusting tables that we use in that process. 

However, Chiropractic is much, much least to us at Thrive. 

Chiropractic is a philosophy of health care that says that when the body is brought back into alignment, it will begin to heal itself. That means the Chiropractic Doctor's job is to help the patient align with their design.

For instance, your spine was designed to function with certain "normal" curves, angles and distances between vertebra. Mess with those, and it creates undesirable results: pain, inability to move, and discomfort.

You also require certain nutrients for your body to function properly. You require a particular amount of oxygen and water to remain healthy. 

In many ways, you are similar to a car that requires particular fluid levels, brake pad width, alignment, and more to function properly. 

What happens if you run headlong into a curb and knock your alignment in your vehicle of center? Eventually, you'll hear squealing and your car won't drive straight. What happens if you wear out your break pads? What happens if you drive with low or no oil, or too little transmission fluid? 

The human body breaks down in the same way after falls, football tackles, years of soda (which can turn a metal nail to dust), gymnastics, cheerleading, car accidents, and an accumulation of toxins and excess weight in the body. 

Now, what happens if you re-align the car, replace the break pads, fill up the oil and transmission fluid? 

The squealing goes away. Your car drives straight. Your breaks no longer screech. You switch gears smoothly. 

A Chiropractic Doctor is a mechanic for the body. Instead of giving you drugs and surgery, they help re-align you according to your design, and alas, your symptoms of back pain, neck pain, numbness in your extremities, shooting pains, fatigue, fogginess, and headaches disappear.  

At Thrive, we do much more than just adjust your spine - which can be a very good thing. Just like a car, the human body is interconnected and we find that things like fallen arches in the feet can impact your headaches, and excessive inflammation due to toxicity or nutritional deficiency can increase your pain levels. 

It is our job to find the cause of your problem and then fix that, not just adjust your spine. 

So, we look at your back, neck, skull and jaw (two of the most overlooked areas of the body), joints in your arms and legs, and musculature. We may even adjust your diet (if you are willing). We find that many people's pain is associated with increased inflammation levels due to dietary allergies such as gluten intolerance.

Come in today to meet with Dr. Kirby Gengler, and discuss what you have going on. Call 719.475.8676.