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Back Pain

The Back Pain Epidemic in the US and Colorado Springs
and How Thrive Can Help

Back pain is the #2 reason for doctor visits in the US, behind symptoms related to the cold and flus. It is also the #2 reason for missed work.

An article in WebMD states that in 2005, $86 billion was spent on back pain and neck pain in the US, making it one of the most expensive medical conditions. WebMD also states that the expense has been relatively ineffective, given that it has increased nearly 65-percent since 1997. It's not working, according to study that appeared in the Feb 13 issue of the Journal of the American Medica Association (JAMA).

Traditional medical options include surgery, prescription drug therapy, and physical therapy.

A study performed by Consumer Reports actually showed that among the 14,000 back pain sufferers surveyed, Americans preferred chiropractic to other therapies and stated that chiropractic outperformed prescription drugs for treatment of back pain. 

"When back pain goes on and on, many people go to see a primary-care doctor. While this visit may help rule out any serious underlying disease, a surprising number of the lower-back-pain sufferers we surveyed said they were disappointed with what the doctor could do to help. Although many of our respondents who saw a primary-care doctor left dissatisfied, doctors can write prescriptions and give referrals for hands-on treatments that might be covered by health insurance." (Consumer Reports)

It has been our experience that back pain can have many different causes. This is one of the reasons that it can be so illusive to traditional medical practitioners.

Back pain can stim from a structural dysfunction, misaligned joint, muscular imbalance, nutritional deficiency, or emotional stressor.

At Thrive, we consider it our job to determine the cause of your back pain and then take appropriate action. We've had patients whose back pain was not healed by a spinal adjustment or massage, but rather supplementing with the simple and inexpensive mineral magnesium.

Some of the tools we use to resolve and manage thousands of patients' back pain in Colorado Springs include:

- Chiropractic
- Massage
- Spinal Decompression
- Cold Laser Therapy
- Nutritional Support
- Electric Stimulation
- Ultrasound
- Athrostim Activators

Not only can back pain become completely debilitating; it can also cost an arm and a leg, depending on how you go about addressing the pain. Surgies like a discectomy or spinal fusion can cost $50,000 up to $350,000. We recently had a patient who just had multiple vertebra fused together. After insurance, she received a bill for $250,000 and $99,000 for physical therapy.

In contrast, therapies like chiropractic and massage start at $45 and can range up to $10,000 depending on your method of payment and situation. 

Do you agree that it is wisest to choose the most non-invasive, cost-effective, and effective option first? If so, we think natural therapies like the ones offered at Thrive are a no-brainer.