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Low Back Pain

Lower Back Pain By Colorado Springs Chiropractor - Dr. Kirby Gengler

low_back_pain.jpgBack pain is the #2 reason people go to the doctor, and low back pain is a huge percentage of that.  It is right behind cold a flu symptoms. Back pain is the #2 reason for missed work in the US. Back pain is the #1 reason people seek out a Colorado Springs chiropractor.

The most common causes of low back pain are:

1.  Injury or overuse of muscles, or ligaments:  Whether moving furniture or a rare ski trip or a new exercise routine overusing or abusing the muscles and ligaments can cause back pain.  This is the most common cause of back pain but one that often heals on its own.  If it is preventing activity or does not seem to be resolving on its own seek a chiropractic exam.

2.  Joints of the spine are injured and unable to maintain their proper alignment or mechanical failure of the spine.  This can occur in a single event such as a trauma, or car accident.  Or it can occur slowly over time due to repetitive task work or chronic poor posture.  This requires a more in depth evaluation to determine the extent of the problem.

3.  Pressure on nerve roots in the spinal canal. This can be caused by a herniated disc, sometimes brought on by repeated motion such as during sport activity or when using a machine or lifting in the wrong way.  A herniated disc can also happen by a sudden heavy strain or increased pressure to the lower back.  There are many non-surgical options such as chiropractic care, decompression therapy, and cold laser therapy among others.

4.  Chronic Arthritis:  When osteoarthritis affects the small joints in the spine, it can lead to back pain. Osteoarthritis in other joints, such as the hips, can cause you to limp or to change the way you walk. This can also lead to back pain.  Depending on the degree of the arthritis effective pain relief can be achieved with chiropractic care and nutritional counseling. 

5.  Spinal deformities:  Scoliosis, curvature, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, spina bifida and many other conditions can cause back pain.

6.  Fractures:  Compression fractures. These are more common among post-menopausal women with osteoporosis and in men or women after long-term corticosteroid use. In a person with severe osteoporosis, even a small amount of force put on the spine, as from a sneeze, may cause a compression fracture.

Of all of the most common causes of lower back pain only fractures are exempt from chiropractic intervention.  Chiropractic is clearly the #1 treatment choice for low back pain in Colorado Springs.

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