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Suffering From Migraines in Colorado Springs? 
Here are the Facts and the Fiction

how_to_stop_a_migraine.jpgIt is sad how many of us in Colorado Springs are suffering from Migraines. It can be overwhelming debilitating and defeating. And there is so much confusion around the subject of migraines and headaches, so hopefully this page will cut through the fog.

A common myth is that if you have a bad headache it must be a migraine.

Chronic severe headache sufferers often believe that they are having migraines.  Some are but many are not.  The term migraine headache has become synonymous with a bad headache.  The type of headache is important for treatment reasons.  If you are having severe headaches you should see Dr. Kirby Gengler, Colorado Springs Chiropractor

What is a Migraine Headache?

A classical migraine has what is called an "aura" prior to the onset of pain.  An aura is a visual disturbance that can affect vision in a number of ways.  One way is to cause tunnel vision by blurring out the peripheral vision.  Another is to have blurry spots in the visual field or distorted spots.  This aura is distinct to migraine.  If you have aura prior to or during a headache you are likely having a migraine.

A good way to simplify a migraine that does not have aura is with the following migraine headache traits:

1.  Pulsating- pulsating or throbbing quality of the pain
2.  Time-  duration of 4-72 hours
3.  One sided:  Migraine is nearly always one sided.  Other severe headache types can be both sided.
4.  Nausea: Nausea is very common with migraine.
5.  Disabling:  Pain is severe enough that it is disabling.  While a migraine can occur with moderate pain it frequently "shuts down" the person.

If you don't have an aura, and you don't have 4 out of 5 of the other migraine headache traits, then you are not having migraines

That does not mean you are not having a severe headache. There are many theories on the cause of migraines. Both vascular and neural influences cause migraines.

Causes of Migraines:

1.  Stress triggers changes in the brain
2.  These changes cause serotonin and/or histamine to be released
3.  Blood vessels constrict and dilate
4.  Pain triggering chemicals, irritate nerves and blood vessels, causing neurogenic inflammation and pain
5.  Caffiene, chocolate, food intolerances, an spinal misalignments are known triggers of migraines.

How to Stop a Migraine and Treatment Options

Allopathic (MDs) treatment for migraines is drug therapies such as Imitrex and other vaso-constrictors.  The drugs close down the blood vessels in the brain and brain stem.  Effective relief is seen in about 50% of suffers.  There are significant side effects including some severe reactions.

Migraine is a loud alarm that something is failing in our health.  Rather than treat the alarm (pain), chiropractic looks for the root cause.  Treatment may include chiropractic care, nutritional counseling, massage therapy, and active rehabilitation.

Many chronic sufferers of migraine have become disabled by the headaches.  It is time to get your life back.  Call for a free migraine exam to see if chiropractic can help you.
No matter the type of headache you have… you don't have to "live" with it.