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Colorado Springs Chiropractor Shows Off a Tool In His Toolbelt: The ArthroStim

Colorado_Springs_Arthrostim.jpgSome who suffer from back pain and neck pain, still won't go to a Colorado Springs Chiropractor because they fear "being cracked" or "popped." The ArthroStim takes all of that away, while remaining highly effective and precise.

The truth is that the "popping" noise is not "cracking" at all, but rather the releasing of gases in the joints. But fear often is not overcome by knowledge alone, so we employ the ArthroStim to re-align the spine using kenetic energy (small mass with high acceleration creates sufficient force to move a joint).

The tip of the ArthroStim creates a very specific and precise spinal adjustment.

If you are a techy or a medical terminology nerd: the ArthroStim activates proprioceptors and mechanoreceptors without recruiting nocioceptors. 

In other words, it feels good and works great. For some, after they experience the ArthroStim, they never go back. And for some, they still prefer hand-directed chiropractic adjustments.

How Does The ArthroStim Work?

Instead of a single thrust, the Arthrostim stimulator delivers a series of "taps."  In fact, it can deliver 12 taps per second.  The 12 taps per second is so quick, it  avoids the all-too-common reaction of tensing up to "guard" the area being adjusted.   Since your body or mind does not fight back, we get great results.

The ArthoStims Treats Patients in Their Most Comfortable Position

Some types of problems seem to resolve better when the adjustment is delivered while seated or standing, such is the case with car accident injuries. Not all manual adjustments allow for that change in positioning.  The ArthroStim permits your Colorado Springs Doctor of Chiropractic utilize this type of flexibility to your advantage. The ArthroStim is also helpful when working on extremity injuries such as TMJ problems, shoulders, knees and other areas where precision is important.

The Benefits of the ArthroStim

Most people report a feeling of ease, relaxation and sense of well-being as their spinal structure improves and mis-alignment patterns improve. Some describe it as feeling more "stable" or "solid."  We chose the ArthoStim as part of the practice because it gets great results and allows the chiropractor to treat people at their comfort level. Other benefits include: 

•Quick and often dramatic results
•Comfortable and non-invasive
•Low force and highly precise
•Ideal for seniors and infants
•Appreciated by those with arthritis