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Colorado Springs Chiropractor Offers
Comprehensive Solutions for Back Pain Relief

Colorado Springs chiropractor Dr. Kirby Gengler is committed to offering his patients the most comprehensive and effective back pain solutions that are available today. Sback pain reliefervices include traditional spinal adjustments, manual alignment of the joints, massage, laser treatments, as well as physical therapy solutions. At Thrive Chiropractic, we understand how debilitating a back injury can be for a patient. Back injuries can cause numerous problems from quality of life issues to decreased physical mobility. Dr. Gengler is here to help with treatment and healing as well as to increase strength and overall wellness in the body.

Back Pain Treatment Includes Physical Therapy and Massage 

Manual alignment of the spine and joints is a common procedure that is performed by our Colorado Springs chiropractor. When your bones and joints are perfectly aligned, your body tends to move fluidly without added strain or pain. However, when your spine falls out of alignment, you may experience mild to moderate back pain. During a manual adjustment, our Colorado Springs doctor will use hands-on manipulation and other chiropractic techniques to correct alignment.

physical therapyOne of the most innovative treatments offered is the FDA approved cold laser treatment therapy. This treatment is often recommended for patients who have sustained tissue damage that was caused by an athletic injury, arthritis, automobile accident or carpal tunnel syndrome. Prior to the invention of cold laser therapy, these types of tissue injuries would have been treated with basic massage or anti-inflammatory medications. However, the new treatment has the ability to target damaged tissues inches below the surface of the skin and encourage the tissue cells to renew rapidly. This causes the patient's injury to heal in a shorter period of time.

Active release for soft tissue is another physical therapy treatment available at Thrive Chiropractic. This treatment is often used to relieve pain and discomfort that is caused by scar tissue buildup following an acute injury or muscle tear. When a patient pulls or tears a muscle, soft tissue or tendons, scar tissue forms at the site of injury during the healing process. Unfortunately, this scar tissue can shorten the patient's muscles and tendons, resulting in pain and decreased range of motion. During active release therapy, our chiropractor will massage and stretch the affected muscle or tissue using a specific set of movements that are designed to lengthen the muscle and reduce pain.

Our back pain center also offers numerous additional services to our patients such as nutritional counseling and blood testing. The pain that some patients experience is not necessarily linked to a physical symptom that can be treated with massage or physical therapy techniques. Rather, their pain may be the result of malnutrition or another health condition that can only be discovered or confirmed by analyzing the patient's internal health. Our diagnostic testing allows us to offer our patients a full service pain management solution that satisfies their unique health needs and goals.

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