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Colorado Springs Chiropractor Uses Massage for Back Pain Management

Colorado Springs chiropractor Dr. Kirby Gengler is dedicated to helping patients feel relief from back pain. Massage is one tool he uses for pain management helping patients return to a state of wellness. Many patients pair massages with chiropractic treatments such as spinal massage chiropractoradjustments to achieve health and reduce pain. In addition to relieving pain, regular massages help balance a patient's level of stress and anxiety. It may also improve a patient's immune system and reduce blood pressure.

When massage is incorporated into a back pain management plan, patients have an alternative method of healing that does not include medication or more invasive procedures. Massage allows patients to understand where they hold tension and how to change their lifestyle habits to ease pain.

Massage Benefits for Back Pain Patients Include Tension Relief and Body Wellness Improvement

Massage technique vary and are applied on a case-by-case basis to meet the healing requirements and comfort level of each patient. Relaxation therapies such as Swedish massages and Ashiatsu are ideal for patients who need to reduce stress and pain in the neck, shoulders and upper back. Ashiatsu therapy also works to relieve muscle pain in patients. During the therapy session, Dr. Gengler uses his feet to deeply work the muscles on a patient's back. The deep muscle massages are especially effective relieving pain caused by injuries to the muscle and fascia. Patients seeking relaxation benefit from a gentle massage such as Swedish massage. During this type of therapy, the patient's muscles are gently kneaded and moved in circular motions to reduce tension. Our Colorado Springs doctor can make a recommendation for the best therapy for you based on your history and needs.

Massages provide many benefits to most patients. The therapy reduces muscle tension and pain during pregnancy, allowing many mothers to have a natural, easy labor. It can also help infants who are having trouble growing or maintaining their weight. The therapy can improve blood flow through the muscles and may also boost the immune function of the body, warding off further illness. People who have hypertension often experience a drop in blood pressure following regular massages.

Getting massages also ease patient's minds. People who suffer from depression may feel better after a therapy session, for example. The therapy also allows a person to feel taken care of and comforted, which can do a lot to improve their overall wellness.

If you are interested in massage for back pain relief or for any other reason, call our Colorado Springs chiropractor today to schedule an appointment and discuss your options.