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Physical Therapy

Colorado Springs Physical Therapy
at Thrive

Colorado_Springs_Physical_Therapy.jpgDid you know that Doctors of Chiropractic are licensed to practice physical therapy in the State of Colorado, if they have passed their National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Part III Boards. Our Doctors of Chiropractic have passed their Part III boards.

The beauty of working with a Colorado Springs Chiropractor at Thrive is that you get a practitioner with a doctor's knowledge level and perspective, who also has extensive experience and training in physical therapy; all mixed with a high-degree of understanding about the nervous system, nutrition and joint manipulation.  

The vast majority of patients who suffer from back pain or neck pain are not surgical candidates. Physical therapy is a treatment option for back or neck pain. 

If a person has been to their medical doctor first for their back pain, they likely have gotten a referral to a physical therapist.

Sometimes this works great, and other times it does not. The success of a therapy is often dependent on the competence of the practitioner, the professional relationship (or fit) between the practitioner and the patient, and the compliance of the patient. 

Physical therapy in conjunction with other therapies like nutrition and chiropractic can have vastly different results than physical therapy alone. 

Chiropractic alignments alone can go a long way toward addressing mechanical and neurological problems. Often chiropractic alignments alone can resolve chronic problems and give lasting relief. In some cases though the supporting tissues (muscles, ligaments, and tendons) need to be strengthened, or rebuilt. This is where physical therapy comes in. 

Longer-lasting relief from spinal pain can be achieved when the supporting muscles are made stronger through specific, isolated exercise. A stronger and more flexible spine supports the weaker more susceptible areas of the back. These supporting muscles are called the "core": deep abdominal, deep pelvic, and deep low back muscles. The muscles surrounding the neck and midback, also, are considered "core" muscles.

Weak Core Muscles

  • Are less supportive of the discs.
  • Have less resistance to fatigue.
  • Provide less resistance to loading, allowing stresses to be placed on the discs.

Strong Core Muscles

  • Are more supportive of the discs.
  • Have more resistance to fatigue.
  • Provide greater resistance to loading, removing stresses from the discs.

Chiropractic and Active Physical Therapy Together Work Better

At Thrive active physical therapy is not a service that you have to receive somewhere else. In Colorado, Chiropractic Doctors are licensed physical therapists. We can teach, monitor and support active stretching and strengthening exercises right here in the office, along with various passive therapies like cold laser therapy, spinal decompression, and e-stim.

Once we teach you to the basic exercises of active physical therapy, you can do many of them at home.  This is one way to take charge of your health. Taking responsibility for your health is a huge step in maintaining a health body. 

In addition, for those who need more support or supervision, we offer monitored active exercise physical therapy. The benefits of an active-based physical therapy program are:

  • Improved strength & flexibility of the spine
  • Enhanced tissue healing
  • Decreased recurrence of pain
  • Quicker return to your active lifestyle

One of the best ways to achieve long lasting results is stretching and strengthening (physical therapy) exercises in conjunction with chiropractic care in a coordinated treatment plan.

While chiropractic and physical therapy work well alone,
 they work much better together.

If you are looking for Colorado Springs physical therapy, call today (719.475.8676) for an integrated health care approach.