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Herniated Disc

Colorado Springs Chiropractor Explains a Herniated Disc and
What You Can Do About It -
Without Drugs or Surgery

Many back pain sufferers in Colorado Springs have either been diagnosed by a chiropractic doctor or allopathic doctor (a medical doctor) with a herniated disc, or they have diagnosed themselves based on what their friends, co-workers, or family may have told them.

A herniated disc can be difficult to resolve, and in a moment of painful desperation far too many choose surgery and prescription medication, believing it is their only solution.

That's just not the case. There are many relatively low cost, effective ways to resolve disc herniation without surgery or prescription drugs, and the complications and side-effects that go along with those therapies.

As a Colorado Springs Chiropractor, Dr. Kirby Gengler deals with herniated discs on a weekly basis.

What is a herniated disc?

The term "herniated disc" goes by many names. You may also hear it called a hot, slipped, or bulging disc

The disc is a rubber cement-like shock absorber between the bones of  spine (the vertebra). The disc is a cartilaginous circle.  Like a tree the disc has a series of rings.  In the middle of the rings there is a soft gel.  That gel helps keep the disc full of fluid and soft.  If the disc gets damaged it can cause a disc to bulge out of place, or the gel to rupture and squeeze outside of the disc.

How can the disc be damaged?

1.  Wear and tear - Wear and tear happens with spinal dysfunction for a long period of time.  Whether there is pain or not if the spine is misaligned wear and tear happens.

2.  Trauma- Such as a car accident or lifting accident.  It can happen with a slip and fall too.

3.  Combo - Wear and tear plus a trauma

What kind of problems can a disc injury cause?

  • Very severe unrelenting pain
  • Pressure/pinched nerve
  • Pain in area of the disc injury
  • Pain radiating into arm or leg
  • Numbness or tingling into arm or leg

Effective and Natural Therapies for Herniated Discs

1. Corrective Chiropractic Care: Discs can slip out of place when the alignment of the spine is compromised. For instance, if the mid-back begins to lean to one side more than the other, it can put pressure on the disc and cause them to slip to the opposite side. Chiropractic care can re-align the spine, thereby taking pressure off of nerves, as well as discs.

2. Spinal Decompression: The literal term for this is traction. Traction elongates the spine, creating less pressure on the discs, and thereby allowing the disc to naturally move back into place. The term traction and decompression can be used interchangeably. Thrive is also a Colorado Springs Spinal Decompression clinic, using the Kennedy Spinal Decompression table.

3. Cold Laser Therapy: We use the FDA-approved Micro-Light 830 cold laser - the first to be approved by the FDA, based on a study performed on Ford Motor Co. employees. Cold laser reduces inflammation and pain levels, and for some patients, it literally changes their life.

4. Physical therapy and muscular stabilization: Did you know that Colorado Springs Chiropractors that have passed their National Chiropractor Board of Examiners' Part III board test are actually licensed to practice physical therapy? There, you learned something today. 

Re-balancing muscles can have amazing impact on herniated discs. We can do this through various exercises, stretches and massage. 

How Much Money Can You Save?

A commonplace discectomy can easily cost $50,000 - $100,000. You owe it to yourself and your pocket book to see if you can find a more cost-effective option. Depending on your condition, you may save up to 95-percent.

We accept insurance, and we have 0% interest options for up to 12 months. Call today, at 719.475.8676, and we can verify your insurance benefits. Plus, if the injury happened due to a work-related injury or a personal injury incident (such as a car accident), then your treatment may cost you nothing.

Bring any X-rays or MRIs you may have, and we will give you a free exam to discuss your natural options for healing your disc injury. We are committed to giving you an honest assessment, meaning that at the end of your exam, if we believe that surgery is your best option, we will tell you and we will refer to an expert surgeon.

Call 719.475.8676 today.